In this Together Ten steps to healthier legs

Ten steps to healthier legs

We all know how easy it is to get problems with our legs. Standing too much. Walking too far. Sitting in the same place for ages, especially when travelling. They all seem to lead to tired aching legs at some time or another. While it is only too easy to put up with less than 100% legs, doing so could be turning your back on potential future problems – such as DVT, ulcers or varicose veins. And the simple fact is, there is no need to settle for having tired, aching legs. The solution is in you!. Take a look at our top ten tips for healthy legs – none asks for too much, and all are effective in one way or another. 1.       Exercise regularly. Simple but true. Get your blood flowing by walking or even jogging. Get used to exercising regularly and it gets easier and more enjoyable. 2.       Eat well. That means a balanced diet, with plenty of fruit and vegetables – and less sugar and fat. 3.       Put your feet up. Not only is it relaxing, but raising your feet above the level of your heart improves your circulation. 4.       Moisturise. A regular regime of moisturising your legs is an easy way to gently massage your muscles and keep your skin supply, stretchy and smooth. 5.       Keep moving. Don’t sit still for too long, and don’t stand for long periods. Mix it up a bit by moving and changing what you are doing.compression socks 6.       Stop smoking. We know everyone says it, but smoking is as bad for the health of your legs as it is for other parts of your body. This is because smoking can lead to poor circulation. 7.       Get examining. Remember to examine your feet and legs regularly. Spot problems early, and always get treatment for and knocks or sores – especially if you have diabetes. 8.       Uncross your legs. Keeping your legs crossed for a long time can affect your blood circulation. Think pins and needles! 9.       Twirl your feet. When sitting, rotate your ankle, flex and stretch your feet. When standing, lift your heel up and down. 10.   Wear compression hosiery. It does so much to improve your blood flow and prevent problems such as aching, swelling and varicose veins.

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